25 August, 2013

What do you ready for 2014?


It's unbelievable that I am so close to 2014 when I haven't done anything good yet in 2013! Anyways, to chose a lovely journal/ notebook for a new coming year is always a pleasant thing to do. 

I got "Flower 2013" of this Taschen's Small Cloth Calendar series when we were in the souvenir shop (oh, I love souvenir!) of Belvedere in Wien the last year. I was in a big dilemma to choose between "Flower" and "Hiroshige" for quite a long moment in front of the product table, and nobody seemed curious or annoyed to come to save me. In the end, I chose "Flower" and decided to take "Hiroshige" the next year. I was finally contented with my brilliant decision, left the souvenir shop happily to continue our tight schedule in Belvedere.

I like the way it has a beautiful picture in every page, and the size of everyday column is just perfect for me to write down some little things for the day, or what happened (I write all others in the other big notebook), so I am going to use it again in 2014. But I am going to take "Klimt" instead of "Hiroshige". I miss everything about Klimt so much after a short stay in WIen, no hesitate to choose "Klimt" for my 2014 partner. So sorry to "Hiroshige", perhaps 2015? Haha, I can't promise you.

"Flower 2013" has blue cloth cover, but in 2014 it has an adorable lilac cover! I'd have definitely made "Flower 2014" as my first choice if I hadn't had "Flower 2013" already (the pictures inside are the same). And "Hiroshige 2013" has red cloth cover, in 2014 it changes to be navy blue. I think red suits better for it.

To conclude, I should have bought red "Hiroshige 2013", then I could buy lilac "Flower 2014" now...

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