04 April, 2013

Day of :D

Lana del Rey for Ziggy Magazine January 2013 Issue
Ph: David Urbanke
 Ali Michael
Gemma Ward
Ph: Greg Kadel

April 4th is the Children's Day in Taiwan. The Children's Day is among the spring vacation, kids have no school (YEAH!). On the last school day before the spring vacation, my school used to give cheap (but useful) toothbrush and cup for our dental care. I guess everybody would prefer bonbons, cakes, biscuits etc. to boring toothbrush and cup; cavity > beautiful teeth.

I still accepted these kind and thoughtful presents from school, I put them well into my school bag. I saw some of my classmates meant to drop them at the school like they have no use for this world, I felt so sorry for the brushes and the cups, and I picked them up, took them back home with my set. Perhaps it was the best choice for the Children's Day's present. There would be not enough to give if it was a lovely sweet. Toothbrush and cup brought us peace.

Do I have good teeth? Yes (:D). But it has nothing to do with  my or her or his Children's Day's present from school.

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