13 May, 2012

My 1st mother's day

This is my 1st mother's day. I got:

1. Infinity pendant necklace
I chose it myself. I wish I can be a mother with infinite love, power and patience. I think this necklace would be so meaningful and important for me, but when I received it, the first thought in my mind was: glasses? The second thought was: maybe the one with turtle would be better? Totally forgot the "infinite love, power and patience" thing.

And I have to praise Tiffany & Co. They do have a really efficient service, from placing the order to receiving the product, it costed only THREE DAYS!

2. Kai baked me a cake
Kai tried to bake a cake like his grandma's, the specialty of hers and we both love it, but his resulted as something has chemical look or a cake was ruined by some Christmas-colored mildew. I have to say the cake looked more like a joke. The taste? Okay..., got much to be improved.

(Kai: "I bake this cake the first time.")

3. About 10 minutes back massage.

4. A piece of raw salmon.

I also got a promotion email, in the beginning which wrote:

"Liebe Frau CHEN, heute ist der Tag, an dem sich Mütter als echte Superstars fühlen dürfen." ("Dear miss CHEN, today is the day that mothers may feel as real superstars.")

After massaging, I was up for my brand new superstar's day, I knew that it wasn't when I saw piles of dirty dishes in the sink were ready for a hard shower. They were from Kai's baking and the baby food that I made the last night. I've learned that there's no housework fairy for mothers in my first mother's day; as long as you become a mother, there's no day off; that's the reason why we have to thank our mama.

Maybe I should request a dishwasher for the next mother's day, that's more practical.

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